The annual Act of Remembrance on Remembrance Day will not be occurring as regularly scheduled this year. At our meeting we discussed Remembrance Day. We have several things to consider, the top most priority is the safety of the public. We can only have a maximum of 30 people gathered as per Provincial guidelines and private gatherings are currently limited to 15 due to the increase in cases in this area. We will be unable to use the Civic Center this year and our Branch Hall is too small to accommodate the number of people while also maintaining social distancing. We thought about doing something similar to what will be done Nationally and livestream a small ceremony so people could tune in. There were several logistical problems with that plan. Instead what we will be doing is filming the ceremony on November 7th with a small number of Legion Members practising all the recommended guidelines. The people who would normally place a wreath will have their names read out in appreciation and I would ask that you please contact Wayne Boyle at 306-749-3219 if you are interested in placing a wreath. The film will be uploaded and can be viewed online and we will make copies available for people who cannot view the ceremony online. I understand that this is not the most ideal circumstance however it appears to be the best possible risk mitigation strategy.

Remembrance Day is a very important day of the year for Canadians, it is a chance to reflect on sacrifice and service before self. The Legion in Birch Hills has provided community contributions for many years through supporting Veterans, Military and RCMP Personnel, Cadets and the Community. We do this through the Poppy Campaign, Remembrance Day, Veterans Memorial Golf Tournament and assisting with various public functions. These are all volunteer led, no one is paid for their time and it requires coordination. If a community loses their Legion, they lose out on many volunteer services in that community. We need members, any Canadian over 18 can be a Legion member. You do not have to have prior military or RCMP experience. I would ask that you please consider membership which keeps our Branch going.