The Town of Birch Hills is governed by 6 elected council members and 1 mayor.  Those elected serve a 4 year term, and have the opportunity to run for election for an ulimited number of terms.

The Municipal Election is open to anyone who owns property, or resides within the Town of Birch Hills that is the age of majority.  The next general election will take place in October 2020.

You are qualified to run for Urban Municipal Election if:

  • on the day of election is 18 years of age; and
  • at the time of submission of the nomination paper, is a Canadian citizen
  • has resided in the municipality for at least three months and in Saskatchewan for at least six months.

In accordance to Section 81.1 of the Municipalities Act, Bylaw #7/16 to require Criminal Record Checks with Nomination Forms has been passed.  Please ensure to include your Criminal Record Check with you Nomination Form on nomination day.

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